Oracle Business Intelligence

How often have you felt the need to analyze the performance of your projects and use it for making decisions? A good Business Intelligence tool will give you the power to make your organization efficient, focused and successful.

Using business intelligence software you can understand the complete picture in real-time. You can extract useful information about customer interactions from data stored in your CRM and ERP systems. You can understand shortcomings in your product or service, delivery and billing processes. OBIEE is one such premier business intelligence software that contains various components to help you do it well.

The BI Server – Allows users to access the built-in functionality of all the components of OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition). It is a common enterprise business model and abstraction layer.

Oracle BI Stack Components

BI Answers – Fully interactive and drillable charts, pivot tables and reports that can be created by the business users by using a logical view of the information instead of using complex database structure. It is a new generation Ad-hoc Reporting and Querying tool.

BI Interactive Dashboards – Aggregate content and applications are presented through the interactive dashboards that are dynamically personalized based on the user’s role and identity.

BI Delivers – Supports Business Activity Monitoring and Alerting through multiple channels such as email, dashboards and mobiles.

Disconnected Analytics – Enables full analytical functionality for the mobile professional who is disconnected from the Corporate Network.

BI Publisher – This component is an Enterprise Reporting and Distribution tool where reports designed for MS Word or Adobe Acrobat can be delivered via printer, email, fax, webDAV or published to a portal.

Briefing Books – This tool enables users to create snapshots for viewing them offline or sharing with others. These snapshots have paging control and are well suited to present information to others.

Hyperion Stack Components

Interactive Reporting – Provides executives, business users and analysts with user-directed query and analysis capabilities. It provides highly interactive ad-hoc reporting.

SQR Production Reporting – Provides high-volume, presentation quality formatted report generation.

Financial Reporting – Provides formatted financial and management reports that comply with regulations and which features currency translations, GAAP, IFRS and other financial standards.

Web Analysis – Provides capability of web-based online analytical processing analysis, presentation and reporting.

With OBIEE you can also empower business users with the tools to make decisions and allow them to use the latest technologies for creating interactive web reports and web dashboards.

OBIEE consists of all the Business Intelligence Software you need to start Enhancing your Business.