Logistics (SCM)

Proarch Solutions Logistics & Transportation solutions can help travel and transportation businesses reduce operational costs, offer real time information on shipments to customers, and the have much needed adaptable and efficient IT infrastructure to deliver scalable solutions quickly. Our Logistics & Transportation solutions can also help reduce energy costs and adverse environmental perception faced by logistics businesses. Our knowledge of specialized SCM processes can help in the development and management of IT solutions for major Logistics & Transportation segments such as:


  •   Reservations Management.
  •   Payment Gateways.
  •   Availability and Scheduling.
  •   Business Intelligence - Analytics.
  •   Vehicle Management Systems.
  •   Fleet Management Systems.


  •   Fleet Management Systems.
  •   Warehouse Management Systems.
  •   Vehicle Management Systems.
  •   Shipment and Tracking Systems.
  •   Cargo Management System.