Big Data Analytics

According to Gartner, through 2015 more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively use big data. The reason is that the size, complexity of formats, and speed of delivery will exceed the capabilities of traditional data management technologies. Having experience in installing, configuring, and tuning deployments for large-scale systems, the team of Hadoop developers at Proarch can help software companies to address their data processing needs related to data mining, analysis, scaling, etc. Proarch has implemented Hadoop solutions for a number of projects that included speeding up the search process and search filtering, building a search recommendation engine, dataset mining and aggregation, data warehousing, real-time reporting, and more.


  • Provide an initial Hadoop proof of concept to help enterprises to adopt the system
  • Find and develop algorithms for distributed computing of custom processes
  • Build distributed systems that scale to petabytes of data and hundreds of nodes
  • Develop tools to automate the deployment, administration, and performance monitoring of large Hadoop clusters

  • Benefits to Your Company

  • Proven expertise in implementing and tuning Hadoop-related frameworks and tools: Mahout, Hive, Pig, Chukwa, Oozie, ZooKeeper, etc.; profound experience in NoSQL and distributed computing solutions
  • 90% of team members are senior or mid-level software engineers; a documented low retention rate
  • Weekly invoices and timesheets for work done during the previous week
  • A key role in helping its customers to create over $500M of enterprise value and raise $120M+ in venture funding
  • Access to our R&D department that tracks the most innovative technologies to help our customers to deliver software faster, with improved performance, and at a lower cost