Application Development

Application Development

Application Development Magus has years of experience in developing application for our clients in diverse verticals. Each industry vertical has its own unique constraints and priorities. At Magus we understand these factors and work with you to create specifications that will maximize your IT budgets. Our development methodology is a based on Agile Development and iterative. We further customize the process based on the unique project requirements.

Our experienced project management team will effectively manage the development process and keep constant track of the risks for early detection and resolution. Our experienced application architecture experts understand the various aspects of good application architecture such as design patterns, maintainability, performance, flexibility and design the application after reviewing the specifications. Our robust reference architecture gives a solid foundation to build-on. Our application development engineers are able to effectively convert the specifications in to an application based on the application architecture. The application is thoroughly tested before acceptance by the client.

Thus, with a balanced team of domain experts, skilled technical personnel and proactive management personnel, we are able to deliver clean, bug free applications at a lower cost.

The technical team at Magus is in depth knowledge about the various technology stacks available in the market place. Magus also has good knowledge of the industry’s best practices. Hence Magus will be able to guide you in choosing the right technologies based on your unique requirements.


  •   Improved Visibility.
  •   Better Scope management.
  •   Reduces Specifications - application code breakage.
  •   Improved Communication.

  • JAVA

    Over the decade, Java has slowly become the dominant application development language of enterprise business applications. Java along with its enterprise platform (J2EE) has increased the productivity by bringing complex business processes directly to the customers (B2C) and other businesses (B2B). With is "Build Once, Run Anywhere" paradigm, Java was able to take a strong foothold in the enterprise IT strategy.

    With a strong open source community and stable platform, Java is the right technology to invest in. Contact us for a custom analysis of your IT needs.


    Organizations that have a lot of IT processes running with Microsoft software have a good choice in .NET platform. .NET is Microsoft’s platform for enterprise applications. It has a good foundation by incorporating the best practices from other platforms including Java, C++, VC++ and building on it.

    It is a good platform to create your next business application. Contact us for a custom analysis of your IT needs to identify if .NET is the right choice for your organization.


    PHP is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language designed for web development, to produce dynamic web pages. It is embedded into HTML and runs on a web server configured to process PHP codes and creates web page content from it. It is an open source language/platform and can be deployed on most web servers and most operating system. It is a very quick platform to build relatively simple web based applications.

    Contact us for a custom analysis of your IT needs to identify if PHP is the right choice for your organization